6th Door
Shamanic Healing



Consultations are the best place to begin. Our conversation, or Platica, will help determine the direction of your healing session.  You will have the opportunity to talk freely and openly in a safe space in order to find what will best serve you.



When you need something more than a cleansing.  Limpias can be done with a variety of tools, from obsidian eggs, plants, candles, and more.  The method will be determined during consultation.

$75/45 min


Body work varies depending upon your needs, from moving lymphatic tissue to deep muscle work.  Method will be determined during consultation.


Healing Session

Healing sessions will vary based on our consultation and can be done long distance. Healing sessions will vary based upon what needs arise during our conversation as well as information I receive from my guides when I go into prayer for your work. 



Ventosas are not like the cupping most people are used to.  In traditional medicine, we run the cups along the body in order to clear lymph and break up fascia.  Ventosas typically follow sobadas but can be done as a stand alone treatment for bound fascia and lymph.


Tarot Reading

Card reading is a very old tradition and can help guide you along your path.  When you're feeling stuck or don't know which way to go, a card reading can lend clarity and direction.


About Evie

I am a traditional healer in Austin, TX. I am Apache, Alabama Coushatta, and Hispanic. Having been raised in a typical US household, I was taught that medicine came from drug stores and doctor's offices.  But I knew there was more out there and searched for alternative medicines and treatments. I learned aromatherapy and western herbalism but was still searching for the traditions of my ancestors.  My great-grandmother was a Curandera and Tarot reader in Round Rock, Tx.  I did not have the opportunity to know her but heard of the work she did in her community, like offering teas, cleansings, and card readings. Her traditions did not get passed down through the family but I was fortunate to find a teacher once I moved back to Austin who specializes in traditional medicine and curanderismo.  I have been studying with Shi-Choo Marika Alvarado, a Lipan Apache Medicine Woman, since 2017.  I was her apprentice for three years and continue to work with her out of her clinic in East Austin.  My focus is on body work, plant medicine, cleansings, and long distance work.